February 10, 2023

“Review of ‘Dinosaurs’ Book: What Readers Think”

Claire M. (Wrentham, MA): Dinosaurs is an excellent book for book reviews. Gil is an observer of birds and animals, even the insects, and his story is carefully shaped. He navigates subtle dangers and challenges to build his new life cautiously. Catharine L. (Petoskey, MI): Dinosaurs is a simple story with dry humor, insight, and emotion. Lynn D. (Kingston, NY): People in glass houses is a quiet, thoughtful novel about Gil’s developing relationship with the family next door. Eileen C. (New York, NY): Dinosaurs is a powerful and moving exploration of ordinary human cruelty, all the different forms love can take, and the importance of human relationships. Darlene G. (Allegany, NY): Five stars for this book’s starkness, its kind protagonist, complex characters, easy and unusual read, and invitation to see, forgive, be better, and keep love at the center. Judy G. (Carmel, IN): Dinosaurs Still Reign is an excellent book for book reviews. It has moderately paced writing that introduces timely discussion topics throughout the book. Helia R. (Goodlettsville, TN): Dinosaurs is a compulsive story with relatable characters, themes of love, loss, privilege, and purpose, and spare and elegant prose. Nicole S. (St. Paul, MN): Dinosaurs is a book where nothing terrible happens and nothing too dramatic happens. The story meanders but you really are not sure where it’s going. It has evocative language and an enjoyable voice.

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