February 11, 2023

“Exploring the Magic of ‘The Forest of Vanishing Stars’: A Reader Review”

Elizabeth @Silver’s Reviews – A Five Star Book Review of Kristin Harmel’s “The Forest of Vanishing Stars”

Kristin Harmel’s latest book, “The Forest of Vanishing Stars,” is a captivating story of survival, hope, courage, and love. It follows the story of Yona, a young girl who was kidnapped from her German parents at a young age and raised by her kidnapper, Jerusza, in the forest. Jerusza taught Yona valuable survival skills which would be key to her survival and the survival of others. When Yona meets a group of Jewish people who had escaped the ghettos, she feels it her duty to help them survive.

The story follows Yona through her years with Jerusza and her harrowing and dangerous time with the group as they learn the ways of the forest, live with fear, hide from the Nazis, and learn to trust each other. When Yona is betrayed by the group, she leaves them and has to make decisions on her own.

Kristin Harmel did meticulous research to portray the plight of the characters with authenticity. The story is a beautiful tribute to the human spirit, to perseverance, and to finding the qualities a person possesses for empathy, kindness, and making choices. It is a five star book review and a must-read for all historical fiction fans.

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