February 16, 2023

Sophy Henn’s ‘Pom Pom Gets the Grumps’

Pom Pom Panda is a delightful picture book by Philomel Books that will have readers of all ages laughing out loud. Written and illustrated by Sophy Henn, this 32-page book follows the misadventures of a grumpy panda who wakes up in a bad mood one morning. As the day progresses, things go from bad to worse for Pom Pom Panda, and readers will be amused by the silly and unexpected situations that arise.

Henn’s illustrations are bright and cheerful, and her use of color and texture adds an extra layer of fun to the story. The characters are full of personality and the facial expressions will have kids giggling. The simple text is easy to follow, making this a great read-aloud book for young children.

Overall, Pom Pom Panda is an entertaining story that will bring smiles to readers of all ages. It’s a great choice for bedtime stories or for anytime when you need a bit of lighthearted fun. I give it 3 stars.

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